【重要安全宣導】強化校園安全重要宣導 【Important Announcement】 Enhancement of the Campus Security

最後更新日期 : 2020-11-26




 校園求救鈴:  https://rb005.ndhu.edu.tw/var/file/5/1005/img/917541271.pdf










          ~ 學務處關心您 ~


Dear Everyone,

In response to an incident involving a female Malaysia student of Chang Jung Christian University (CJCU), Tainan, at the end of October 109, the National Dong Hwa University (NDHU) has implemented some measures as below.

1.On the day the incident was reported, the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) has immediately sent a reminder to all NDHU students for their own safety. Also, the OSA encourages all students to use the campus safety routes at night and press the emergency buttons immediately if they encounter any danger or threat. The weblinks for the maps of the campus safety routes and emergency buttons are shown at https://rb005.ndhu.edu.tw/var/file/5/1005/img/2948/677697480.pdf and https://rb005.ndhu.edu.tw/var/file/5/1005/img/917541271.pdf, respectively.
2.On the day the incident was reported, the campus security has visited to the Zhixue Police Station and requested more patrols on campus and off-campus.
3.The OSA has invited Deputy Director of Zhixue Police Station, Chief of Zhixue Village, and Chief of Hopin Village to check all the lighting facilities around campus and important paths near students
’ accommodation. They have applied for adding new lighting and replacing broken lighting.
4.For student
’s safety, the Dean and Vice Dean of the OSA have requested the Office of General Affairs (OGA) to check and maintain the emergency button, broken lighting, and pruning branches.
5.Commissioner Ting-Hsien Tsai, Hualien County Police Department, Director of Jian Police Department, Commander of Traffic Division, and the Officers of Zhixue Police Station have visited to the President Chao. They guaranteed to increase more patrols on campus and off-campus and around some hotspots for student
’s safety.
6.Request all students to use magnetic cards for entering dormitory. Require both dormitory supervisors and committees to report any condition after checking the dormitory area and surroundings, for student
’s safety.
7.Encourage students living off-campus to use a safety routes which have been clear by the OSA.
8.Kindly remind all students that please gather to go back home at night and inform your roommates where you are. Don
’t go through dark roads or to desolated places alone. Download the App of the "Police Service System”, and use the smartphone GPS to locate your own position for reporting to police in case of emergency.

9. A joint meeting to strengthen campus safety was conducted by Vice President Xu, and attended by the first-level supervisors of education and administration units to ensure the well-being of students and to aid in the prevention of self-harm and suicide.

10. Reminder to students:

Refrain from spreading suicide and self-harm related news and information (through sensationalist blogs or internet comments) in order to prevent the emulation of these dangerous behaviors. Also, remember to care for the people around you, especially those who exhibit drastic mood swings. Many resources are provided on- and off-campus, please seek help as soon as possible.
~Your safety, OeSA and OIAs dlight!